Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President's inauguration Invocation by Dr Rick Warren... Oh Boy!!!

Rick Warren has delivered the inaugural invocation, saying Barack Obama's election as the nation's first black president represents a pivotal point in history.

Calling America a "land of unequaled possibility," Warren's prayer invoked the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. and asked that Americans remember they are united by a commitment to freedom and justice for all.

The "conservative evangelical" is considered perhaps the nation's most influential pastor. His "Purpose Driven Life" books and lectures have made his Saddleback Church in California among the largest in the country.

But his selection to give the invocation sparked protests from the gay community and liberal groups, because of his support of a California ballot measure banning gay marriage.

Well it turns out they had nothing to worried about...


Brian Gray said...

Saturday, January 24, 2009
What Rick Warren should have prayed at president Obama’s Inauguration…

After reviewing the recent news of the inauguration that just took place and the prayer of Rick Warren at the event, I took some time to think about the prayer that God wanted to hear Rick Warren pray and so here is the prayer that should have been prayed…

Oh God! I come before you in the height of my apostasy to acknowledge and renounce all the transgressions I’ve committed in the name of Christ. Woe to me a sinner and worse than a sinner for I have compassed sea and land not only to make one, but millions of proselytes two fold children of hell as myself. May this prayer said to you before this nation and the world be the millstone needed that you might use to cast my entire life and ministry into the depths of the sea that I might live to you as a new man rendered useless to this worlds interests.

This day I hand in my resignation to the Devil and his work relinquishing my self from his pride driven ministry that I’ve partaken of. I confess that my ministry has been built on a foundation of money, power and everything else that is so highly esteemed among men. Yes, my ministry has become such an abomination to you that even a nation as utterly depraved and back slidden as this country along with it’s new leader who is just as hungry for pride and power as the last one would invite me to pray before such an ungodly crowd as he swears an oath just as your son forbid us to do.

I confess that through my “Purpose Driven” movement along with its books and materials many have been lead astray by the vile trash I’ve created in your name and call Christianity. I now declare it filth , fit for the dung hill from whence it came. For it is nothing more that the perfect mixture of truth mixed with lies fit to poison any sincere seeker with an inoculation of venom that only desensitizes the soul to the real power and effects of the true gospel. I’ve created a gospel so agreeable to your enemy the world that my popularity has risen to such a pitch of insanity among those who thinking that gain is godliness have become lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.

I confess that because this nation , it’s churches and it’s professing Christians and now it’s new leader have received not a love for the truth , they have loved my ministry and only because I did so well at tampering with your gospel to such an extent that I turned it into something pleasing and entertaining to the worlds eye. Yes, we’ve become experts at how to have friendship with your enemy the world. We’ve become servants to the pleasures of rich men’s lusts and those who desire to be rich and have polluted ourselves with all their vanities. We’ve disregarded your sons rebuke to the rich when he said it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into your kingdom. We have even established seminaries built on the very idea that camels can get through that needles eye. So have mercy on the young men we’ve trained to become experts at getting those camels through. That’s right , we’ve searched for a loop hole to get rich men into your kingdom through some other door than the gate of the sheep fold and found that hole in the eye of a needle. That little hole became so dear to us that we set men to the task of getting the camel through. First they started pushing camel hairs through , then succeeded in getting one to squeeze through, then crawl through , run through, jump though, and before you know it we had herds of camels charging though that needles eye by the droves. Once we saw our technique worked we took the most talented of those young men and made them pastures of big churches full of camels but not one sheep could be found.

Just like that great whore riding on her beast , we’ve taken the world and all that is in the world; the rock bands, the attractive dress and entertainment to allure men to join in our whoredoms with the beast that we loved so much. Forgive me for hypnotizing the masses through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life which our churches have promoted in order to distort the true meaning of the Gospel.

And now in the name of the true Lord Jesus Christ I declare once and for all an end to this Purpose Driven ministry that has only been driving men to hell. Amen…

LuMeL said...

An AMEN! for that as I totally agree.