Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Eugenics Mindset Lives

Todd Friel On The Eugenics Mindset ...

WARNING: This post has very disturbing content.


If you thought eugenics permanently lost its luster after World War II, this will be a rude awakening.

Blogged-out Saturday was interrupted because of a startling item that was in Best of the Web at yesterday. I missed it in the skim-through because the segment title (”Swift Note Veterans Against Youth”) gave little indication of what it was really about (HTs to FreeRepublic andWorld Net Daily).

This is what it’s about: On January 6, 1993 (the letter’s 1992 date is a clear typo), Ron Weddington, who along with his wife Sarah represented “Jane Roe,” now known to be Norma McCorvey, in the Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion through the US, wrote a letter to soon-to-be President Clinton advising him to liberalize abortion laws in the name of what can only be seen as eugenics.

The letter reveals so much about the actual mental outlook of one of the proabortion movement’s leading lights that commenting on the horrors contained herein is unnecessary.

The documents below were obtained by Judicial Watch and published in a 5-meg PDF documentcalled “The RU-486 Files” (what is presented here is at the report’s final five pages). Though not at this blog, I have criticized Judicial Watch frequently in the past for being unfocused and publicity-hungry. Though I think those criticisms remain valid, I have to acknowledge that what they have unearthed is monstrously important (literally), and to congratulate them for including it in their report.

The first note is to Mr. Clinton’s assistant, Betsey Wright, who wrote an instruction to file it. That’s important to note, because although there is no direct indication that anyone in the Clinton Administration shared Mr. Weddington’s views, neither did they dismiss him out of hand as an outlier.

That is followed by a four-page letter to Mr. Clinton.





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