Friday, January 2, 2009

The Day Will Come When Rick Warren Will Have To Give An Account To God

Rick Warren is now saying that disagreeing with gay-rights activists on same-sex marriage doesn't mean he is anti-gay. Huh? Wow. Does this mean he is pro-gay?

Read all about here: Rick Warren - Opposed to gay marriage, not gay partnerships.

Clearly, homosexuality is a sin. Rick Warren knows that. It's so obvious that Mr. Warren is so committed to a social agenda that he is willing to ignore a Biblical truth. He is willing to compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ for his own gain, whatever that is. According to Bible prophecy, there will be a great apostasy from Christs church, a great falling away. It's so obvious that Mr. Warren has gone that route. But there will come a day when these so called "leaders of christianity" will have to give an account to God. And that's a fact!!

And what's up with Mr. Warren patronizing a thrift store in Calif. that supports gay causes and telling the openly gay manager of the store “don't believe everything you read”. Is he back peddling?

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