Friday, July 3, 2009

The Pitfalls of Celebrity Driven Christianity - Brannon Howse

The Pitfalls of Celebrity-Driven Christianity. Brannon's Guest is Cathy Mickels author of Spiritual Junk Food: The Dumbing Down of Christian Youth. Topic: Should America's Christian leaders and Liberty University be raising up Carrie Prejean, Miss California, as an example for today's youth? Liberty's male students cheer and whistle during chapel as Carrie mentions the swimsuit portion of the contest. Focus on the Family has recorded two interviews and on their website called her a modern-day Ester before people complained and it was removed. Pro-family leaders have booked her to speak for an upcoming conference. Are these Christian leaders and institutions about to be really embarrassed by photos to be released? Is this the result of a celebrity-driven church and Christian media? Why do so many Christian leaders promote someone before giving them a chance to prove the level of their Christian maturity? The world is already laughing and mocking on blogs and websites about the photos that have come out. These are the Christian men that are going to save America, the church and the culture? I dont think so. These men dont have enough discernment and common-sense to understand that they should have acknowledged her bold statement, the reaction of the radical left, and then left it at that. The wise-men of the pro-family movement are doing great harm to our young students by their lack of Biblical leadership.

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