Friday, March 6, 2009

NY Governor Forcing Recognition Of Same-Sex 'Marriages'

New York Governor David Paterson is commanding state agencies to recognize same-gender "marriages" and civil unions that are legal in other states and countries and to revise policies and regulations to accommodate it. reports Paterson sent state agencies a memo on Wednesday alleging that the failure to recognize homosexual marriages violates the state's human rights law. Frank Russo of the American Family Association of New York tells OneNewsNow the governor's decision is disappointing.

"Calling for recognition of civil unions and gay marriage performed in other states, at this time especially -- because the consequences are not only moral -- ...[is] not only bad for the homosexuals because it somewhat encourages their very risky behavior; but on top of that, it's bad for the whole state's economy," he contends. Russo says pensions and other benefits will be costly at a time when New York is in the red a billion dollars per month.

The governor's move comes in spite of a legal challenge against a New York appeals court ruling in February that stated same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions are entitled to recognition in the Empire State. There is no final decision yet in that matter -- and Russo does not anticipate a favorable court ruling.

"My expectation is not good," he admits. "These are basically liberals who don't realize the sanctity of marriage. They don't understand that marriage for thousands of years...was based on one concept – the concept of children. The procreation of children, and the education of children -- and of course, gay people cannot [procreate]."

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